Educational and academic background:
2006         Graduated with honours from the Vienna Music High School BRG XIV
2012         PhD of University of Vienna in Law Studies
           BA of University of Vienna in EastAsia Studies (Major: Korean Studies)
2014         MA of University of Vienna in EastAsia Studies (Major: Korean Studies)
2021         MA of University of Vienna in Education Studies (Major: German and French Studies)
2023         BA of University of Vienna in French and Spanish Studies
2017 (processing)    Dual PhD of University of Vienna (AT) and Oxford University (GB) in Compared Law Studies
2022 (processing)    MBA of Economics University of Vienna in Data Analytics and Data Management
2023 (processing)    LLM of University of Heidelberg in Tax Law and Tax Strategy

Professional experience:
2005-Present  Language lecturer, musician
2012-2017   Research assistant, fellow scientist, lecturer at
        Faculty of Law and Faculty of Education of the University of Vienna
2017-2021   Translator (Legal and general)
2021-2022   Professor in German and French in No.1 Vienna High School
2022-Present  Legal Advisor at VAMED Engineering in Vienna

Overseas experience:
Erasmus and fellow exchange:
- Legal exchange
    China, France, Spain, UK and Portugal
- Language exchange
    China, France, Korea, Spain, Portugal and UK
    Belgium, Czech Republic and Germany

In German:
- Lernmotivation durch Migrationsstrategie (2021)
- Internationale Beziehung während der Choson-Zeit (2015)
Prize of Austrian Literature:
- Multilingual Creative Writing (2022)
In Korean:
- 조선 시대 한국의 국제 관계 (2015)
- 한국 역사에서 한자 발전에 대한 기여 (2017)

Languages: Chinese, Portuguese, English, German, Korean, French, Spanish,
     Italian, Russian e Japanese

Licence for corporate lawyers in EU
Examiner’s licence for German language
Teaching licence in German and French for high and senior schools in Austria, Germany and Swiss
State-authorized lecturer and legal advisor for courses on immigration in Austria and Germany