Practice Areas

Notary Services

Our office provides complete notary services, including but not limited to the preparation and execution of promissory contracts, public deeds for the purchase and sale of a real estate property, and many other acts and contracts that require notary services. We provide notary services according to the Macao laws and aim to assist our clients in all matters related to the notarization of documents.

NOTARY CHINAChina-appointed Macau based notary

The China-appointed Macau based notaries have powers to officially certify juridical acts as well as legal documents with juridical value and in which are provided juridical facts, with the purpose of being utilized in Mainland China. All certificates are personally handled by the appointed notary. In other words, the notary shall personally review the documents presented to him, verify the identity of the parties, witness their signature, and sign the certificate. All certificates issued by the appointed notaries shall comply with the requirements of legality and authenticity.


We handle a wide range of cases covering divorce, adoption, child custody issues, and actions for the protection of women and children, focused on solving the dispute in the most economical and swift way. We understand the sensitive nature of family proceedings, whether it involves divorce of marriage or the settlement of the estate of a deceased person, thus all family law proceedings are maintained at the highest level of confidentiality.


We handle the transfer of businesses and assets to heirs or beneficiaries of a will. Working with clients at an early stage allows us to develop the best possible solutions for their specific needs. As a full-service law office with extensive experience in counseling enterprises and family-run businesses, we offer integrated advice on all aspects of succession planning and asset structuring.


We provide competent service in helping local and foreign clients doing business or planning to invest in the Macao SAR. We are specialist in foreign investment legislation with extensive experience in doing business issues, determining the appropriate form of business presence (i.e. branches, representative offices, regional offices, subsidiaries). We help to set up companies, drafting the shareholders agreements, consulting, management and technical agreements as well as other similar legal documents. We structure investments complying with the ownership restrictions and regulatory and tax regulations, namely meeting the provisions of the Monetary Authority of Macau.


We assist clients during the preliminary investigation before any Criminal Police Authorities and the Public Prosecutor. When our client stands as the Complainant, we ensure that all the elements of the crime are duly proven to uphold the criminal charge and eventually lead to the conviction in courts. We also endeavor to provide the best legal service and secure the rights and guarantees to our clients as Defendants. We are greatly involved in shaping justice for victims of violent criminal cases by prosecuting culprits before the Public Prosecutor and suing them in courts.

employment-law_0LABOUR & EMPLOYMENT LAW

We provide legal advice to clients on matters involving employer-employee relationship including issues on employment benefits, labour standards, and termination of employment and union activities. We also provide advice and assist clients in meeting diverse economic conditions by designing creative employment structures, consulting for reorganization of human resources, labour cost-cutting measures and outsourcing solutions. We also represent clients by providing professional service in labour cases involving claims of illegal dismissal and unpaid wages and benefits.


We handle all Public Tender proceedings from call to final grant. We deal also with applications for special incentives and other benefits from government agencies to small and medium enterprises. We assist clients in the acquisition of pre-arranged employment visa, provisional permit to work, alien certificate of registration, temporary visitor’s visa, special investor’s resident visa, technical migration and other kinds of visas or permits, for local and multinational clients.


We assist clients in all anti-counterfeiting litigation proceedings. We helps the clients to make a draft and negotiate contracts concerning intellectual property rights (transfers, licenses). We have experience in the registration of trademarks, patented designs and models, as well as handling intellectual property asset portfolios.


We give advice and assistance in the acquisition, lease, development and disposition of real estate. Having provided counseling for diverse projects, we work closely with the proper government agencies, including the House Bureau, Financial Services Bureau and other local government tax authorities, to assist our clients in addressing tax concerns and complying with tax regulatory requirements.